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World First AI PRINT-ON-DEMAND Ecom Store Builder!

PROMOTE: Kustomizee - Brand New AI App That Codes, Writes, & Designs Stunning eCom Stores

Preloaded With AI-Generated Designs

That Sells Funny T-Shirts, Mugs, Sweatshirts & Other Products

Earn Up To $577 Per Sale With $3,000 In JV Prizes!

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What Is Kustomizee?

Kustomizee is the ONLY AI App That Codes, Writes, & Designs Stunning eCom Stores Preloaded With AI-Generated Designs Selling Funny T-Shirts, Mugs, Sweatshirts & Other Products.

With Kustomizee, you can effortlessly create and launch your own print-on-demand store featuring AI custom designs on mugs, t-shirts, and other print-on-demand products.

Design, sell, and print custom products faster and more effectively than ever before. Let your customers' imagination fly, and Kustomizee will do the rest.

Right Now, People Are Buying T Shirts, 

Mugs, Sweaters, Phone Cases Like Crazy…

Why? Because these are items that everyone uses!

Everyone needs a phone case, everyone needs mugs to drink in, everyone needs a t-shirt, everyone needs a sweater.


People don’t like boring designs from places like Walmart or Target…

They want special, unique designs like this:

Millions of people are buying custom, unique designs like these on different types of goods…

So your audience is literally everyone in the entire world…

They Either Buy Them For Themselves, Or Frequently As Gifts…

A Complete A.I Solution for Personalization Stores

In Fact, The Online Apparel Industry Is

Worth A Whopping $1.53Tr!

People spend a TON of money on clothing.

Especially women, and maybe you’re one of these people.

The online apparel industry is worth over $1.53Tr.

Yes, a Trillion with a T…

Because no matter how poor or rich you are, we all need clothes to wear…

That means, you can easily generate a full-time online income

And The Best Part?

Everything Is Done For Us

We don’t ever touch the products… We aren’t responsible for getting them shipped…

That’s Because Everything Is Done For Us:

Creating The Merchandise?


You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment, nor do you need to store a bunch of merchandise

Coming Up With Designs?


Our AI creates attractive, funny, and stunning designs to put on merchandise

Shipping The Products?


Our supplier also ships the products all the way to the customers home. And in the case of any shipping issues, that will be handled for you.

Payment Processing?


It takes just a few clicks to set up, and begin accepting credit card payments.  You’ll keep most of the profit, while a tiny portion goes to the supplier for the products

Customer Support?


You won’t have to answer a bunch of emails, because the supplier does that for us.

No Traffic?


Kustomizee’s AI generate viral traffic to get 1,000s of visitors to your eCom merch store

We Made An AI-Powered App That Creates T-Shirt/Apparel Stores

In Just 4 Clicks…

Click #1

Choose A Niche

Enter any keyword to choose a niche/topic. For example, you could choose “dog owner shirts”

Or, if you’re not sure, ask Kustomizee’s AI to choose one for you…

Click #2

Let The AI Generate Designs

The AI will begin producing attractive designs for merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, phone cases, and more…

Click #3

Create The eCom Store

Kustomize will create an eCom store, pre-loaded with all the designs and descriptions…

Click #4

Send Traffic To The Store

Use our 1-click AI video generator & upload them to 2.6B users at the press of a button, to flood your store with traffic

Kustomizee Can Do Much More Amazing Things…

Unlimited Pre-built Design Templates

Create awesome design templates to fit with any kind of products, Set price for that and users able to use it with one-click.

Support Multi Product Type

Whatever your product, just have a place for print then Lumise can apply print area for that product. Phone case, sticks, mugs, posters… Lumise can handle all of them.

Unlimited Cliparts Stocks

Are you worry about the cliparts resource? Let us handles that for you, you can do other things you love. There are more than 2+ reosource cliparts for your customers can use: Pixabay and Openclipart with more than 120k+ items. Amazing stocks!

QR Code

Personalize design with QR code is not bad ideas. Customer’s friend easy gets their message with a small phone support QR code scanner.

Multi Languages

Kustomizee support language switching. All languages were controlled and translate automatic from the admin panel, and you can put your translate text there.

Ready To Print

Kustomizee support multi-output for printing such as PDF, SVG, JSON, PNG… All of them is rendered with high quality and compatibility with all printing devices.

  • AI-automated eCom store creation
  • Support any type of product: Hoodie, TShirts, Mug, Card, Sticker, Bag, Capa
  • Configure pricing for each printing technology
  • Auto-written product descriptions
  • AI-written headlines and subheadlines
  • Product mockup creator
  • AI-powered Facebook & YouTube ad writer
  • AI-powered video creator
  • Stunning, done for you design templates
  • SEO-optimized to quickly reach the top of Google
  • Effortless payment processing
  • Optimized for all major internet browsers
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive

 WATCH The Kustomizee In ACTION!

Check Out Our High Converting Upsells!

Over $3,000 In JV Prizes!

All Contests Are Based On Total Revenue - Solo Only!


(Day 1 - Day 3)


(Day 4 - Day 7)

 *Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then you get the next prize money. 

NOTE: Each contest starts with unique sales generated within the contest. No Team.

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Premium Customer & JV Support

We provide premium customer support on all our products, maintain and improve our apps even after several months of launch.

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We will retarget the visitors you send to our sales page and bring them back to the website to make you more commissions.

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Mark Your Calendars For Sunday 14th May, 2023

We Are Going To Make You Lots Of Money While Helping Your Customers!

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Guarantee Terms: The Conditional Guarantee Is Not A Promise Of Payout Whatsoever. It's Merely There To Show You That We're Confident About What We're Offering. To Qualify For The Conditional Guarantee You Must Show Clear Cut Evidence That You've Done The Work And Asked For Help And We Weren't Able To Solve The Problem. If Kustomizee does not work as stated we will return your payment - Refunds are always honored so there are no risks! 

*Please Note: Kustomizee is a software as a service (SaaS). Access is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel software access and render existing projects in your dash void immediately*

AI-Powered e-commerce Store Creation

Kustomizee is an AI-powered software that enables you to effortlessly create and launch your own Print-On-Demand Store with  complete with custom designs on mugs, t-shirts or any e-commerce store to sell any type of products (Physical, Digital or Services)

Product Description Creation

With Kustomizee, you don't have to worry about writing product descriptions. The AI technology used by Kustomizee generates high-quality product descriptions that capture your brand's essence and drive conversions.

Headline and Subheadline Creation

Kustomizee also generates attention-grabbing headlines and subheadlines that are sure to capture your target audience's attention.

AI Email and SMS Templates

Kustomizee includes pre-made email and SMS templates that you can use to connect with your customers and promote your products.

AI Copywriter

Kustomizee's AI copywriter creates high-converting copy for product descriptions, headlines, and subheadings, taking the burden of writing off your shoulders.

AI Product Designer

With Kustomizee's AI photo, you can create stunning product photos in any scene you want, making it easier than ever to showcase your products in the best possible light.

AI Video Creator

Kustomizee's AI video producer enables you to create high-quality product videos for your e-commerce products, including native "TikTok" style videos and "Hormozi Style" videos, among others.


This conversational commerce bot is the next generation solution for effortlessly selling to your customers 24/7, around the clock. It can help reduce abandoned carts and boost your sales by displaying timely messages.